Snowmobile 2-Stroke Tune-Ups

Power Pac offers tune-ups for 2-stroke snowmobiles with or without power valves:

2-Strokes Tune-Ups Twin Triple
$149.95 $159.95
Compression Test____lbs
Replace Spark Plugs
Replace Fuel Filter
Replace Oil Injection Filter
Inspect Antifreeze Level/Condition
Inspect Drive/Jack Shaft Bearings
Inspect/Adjust Ski Alignment
Inspect/Adjust Drive Chain
Adjust Track
Drain/Flush Carb
Synchronize/Adjust Carbs
Bleed/Adjust Oil Pump
Inspect Water Pump
Inspect/Clean Clutches
Inspect War Rods/Carbides
Change Chain Case Lubricant
Inspect/Grease Suspension
Inspect Lights & Switches
Check Ignition Timing
Clean/Inspect Battery Terminals
Charge/Load Test Battery
Test Machine
Add for Cleaning variable exhaust valves $60.00
2006 and older $42.50
2007 and newer $63.75