Mike Trulen - Owner/Manager

Mike Trulen

Master Degree from the good Lords school of hard knocks. Mike has 53 years in the field and 45 years at PPI. Some of his hobbies include snowmobiling, motorcycling, and watercrafting. He rode his first snowmobile back in 1964, a Scorpion 8 H.P. with a 247cc Hirth engine in it. Mike also loves doing anything with his grandkids. Quote: "You don't stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing." -Mike Trulen


Cheri Trulen - Sales Manager

Cheri Trulen

Sales Manager
Dustin Pieper - Motorsports Sales

Dustin Pieper

Motorsports Sales
Randy Smith - Commercial Sales

Randy Smith

Commercial Sales
Randy has worked with John Deere all his life. He's been a Polaris rider since 1967. Aside from John Deere, Randy also works with STIHL sales and has used them for many years. Randy has 6 years in the sales field, and has been at PPI for 2 years now. A snowmobile and motorcycle enthusiast, Randy enjoys many outdoor activities. He was a tractor puller for many years as well. In 2015, he moved to Marshfield and loves the people/area. Quote: "In order to keep moving forward, you can't keep looking in your rear view mirror. You aren't there anymore."
Kyle Skoug - Motorsports Sales

Kyle Skoug

Motorsports Sales
Phone: 715-387-1106


Michael Trulen - Parts, Apparel, and Accessory Manager

Michael Trulen

Parts, Apparel, and Accessory Manager
Literally growing up in the business, Michael has over 20+ years experience. Starting out sweeping floors as a kid in middle school, moving up to pickup and delivery/setups in high school, sales person during college, parts assistant, and then finally on to parts, accessory, and apparel manager. He has a B.S. degree in Business/Retail Management. Hobbies include mountain biking, motocross, ice racing, snowmobiling, Iron Butt motorcycle rides, snowboarding, camping, Boy Scout leader, and spending time with his wife and two kids having as much fun as possible.
Corey Schroeder - Parts

Corey Schroeder

Coordinates the Iron Butt rides with over 30 years of motorcycling experience and holds multiple ice racing championships. "2 wheels are double the fun!"
Jordan Landwehr - Parts

Jordan Landwehr

Certified in John Deere, Suzuki, Yamaha, Polaris and STIHL products. Jordan has been spent 2 years in the parts field, all at PPI. He enjoys snowmobiling for a very long time, ATVing, and turning wrenches on just about anything. Jordan grew up on a local small farm, which gave him a mechanical background. Quote: "Treat others as you would like to be treated"
Wayne "Ziggy" Zygarlicke - Service Parts

Wayne "Ziggy" Zygarlicke

Service Parts
Born and raised right here in Marshfield, WI graduating from Columbus High School in 1976. Zig has been married to Cindy for 37 years, with two sons. One son is married and has given Ziggy his only grandson so far. His other son is engaged. Ziggy coached high school track and cross country for 12 years. With his family, he loves camping, snowmobiling, fishing, and attending sports that our sons coach. He has been in the parts business, automotive and motor sports for over 35 years. Ziggy has been with PPI for 14 years and he handles the parts needed by our service technicians for repairs in our shop. Ziggy is also certified in John Deere Parts and Suzuki Service Pro.
Zach Schiferl - Shipping/Receiving

Zach Schiferl

Zach is Polaris Silver MSD tech certified. He also is to the Silver level in Polaris Parts. He has 18 years experience as a tech and parts associate. Zach's hobbies include ice racing ATV's; Motorcycle and ATV restoration and modification; and engine building. Quote: "If you start with nothing and end up with nothing, there's nothing lost." -Michael Dunlop


Andrew Paulson - Service Manager

Andrew Paulson

Service Manager
14 years of experience with John Deere and Polaris products. Yamaha Bronze level training. He has worked at PPI for 7 years. Andrew's first paying job was developing websites. He used to write articles on a few electronic websites. Andrew spends his free time climbing and training for rock climbing. Quote: "I don't have a favorite quote."
Bob Reinwand - Technician / Mobile Service

Bob Reinwand

Technician / Mobile Service
John Deere Advanced Certified.
Larry Strangfeld - Technician

Larry Strangfeld

Phone: 715-387-1106
GOLD certified in Suzuki, Yamaha, Polaris (Snow & Off-road), and STIHL. Also certified Honda Power Products, and a specialist for Kawasaki. Larry has been working on motorcycles since age 12 for fun & profit, which adds up to 51 years total. He has been at PPI for about 8 years. Larry's favorite pastimes includes riding motorcycles (street/dirt-it's all good). During the summer Larry enjoys pulling with his Rooster (for around 25 years now - Kawasaki Power - Not ready to quit yet. During the winter Larry builds ice racing tires - Strange Ice Tires - tires have won some amateur nation championships with help from his buddy & co-worker, Corey Schroeder. He has been involved with CWIRA ice racing since the mid 70's. Serving as president for over 30 years, and currently serving as race day director. Larry is the president of Midwest Off-road Trail Riders (MOTR) - They maintain Clark County's knobby ridge trail. He's married to his wife, Cindy, for 42 years. Together they have 3 kids, 7 grand-kids, and 1 great-grand daughter. Quote: "My competition has always been about having fun - but it is A LOT more fun to win than to lose."
Chad Simone - Technician / Mobile Service

Chad Simone

Technician / Mobile Service
Phone: 715-387-1106
Chad has two years experience working in the parts warehouse. He was a service coordinator, service technician, mobile service, and worked in shipping/receiving as well. Chad has 3 years in the technician field, and has been at PPI for 4 years now. When he's not working, Chad enjoys motocross, camping, bonfires, and hanging with his family. He also likes shooting pool on any spare time he has. Quote: "When in doubt, gas it!"
Brandon Schug - Service Coordinator

Brandon Schug

Service Coordinator
Phone: 715-387-1106
Tom Brock - Delivery Driver/Janitor

Tom Brock

Delivery Driver/Janitor
Phone: 715-387-1106
Derek Englebretson - Technician

Derek Englebretson

Phone: 715-387-1106
Derek is trained to the following levels: Polaris ORV Gold, Polaris Silver (for snow & slingshot), STIHL Bronze, EETC 4-stroke EETC 2-stroke, EETC Electrical, Performance Machine, Renthal, Kuryakyn, and Yamaha Bronze. He also is experienced with Suzuki, Yamaha, Polaris, Kawasaki, and STIHL. Derek has been in the field for four years, and been at Power Pac for 2 years overall. When he's not at work, Derek likes motorcycle riding, fishing, shooting things, and wasting money! Quote: "Alright meow" and "That's cute."
Cole Bliven - Technician

Cole Bliven

Cole has experience with Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Harley Davidson. He is silver level certified with Yamaha, Specialist level with Kawasaki, and Factory trained on Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Harley Davidson at MMI - Phoenix. Cole has been working in the field for about a month at Power Pac and spent 2 years at school in Phoenix. He grew up in Athens, WI, joined the army, went school, and now works at Power Pac. Quote: "Life's a garden, dig it." -Joe Dirt
Ron Kowalski - Service Advisor

Ron Kowalski

Service Advisor


Herb Endries - Accounting/Bookkeeping

Herb Endries

Phone: 715-387-1106
Has an associates degree in accounting, and over 30 years in bookkeeping. Herb has experience with all of the products we carry, including John Deere, Suzuki, Yamaha, Polaris, Kawasaki, STIHL, and Honda Power equipment. Herb has been with us at PPI for 21 years now. Some hobbies he enjoys are fishing and deer hunting. He set up lightspeed system for PPI and debugged in 2000. With Herb, we've gone from paper record keeping to full computerized system. Got first computer in the early 90's and had to have program written for Accounts Receivable. We had no internet, no cell phones, no GPS. Quote: "Get R Done"
Jayne Helgerson - Bookkeeping

Jayne Helgerson

Ryan Krause - Finance

Ryan Krause

Ryan has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Has one year experience in the field and has been at PPI for one year. Ryan enjoys hiking, kayaking, being outdoors, and hanging out with his new puppy. Originally from Spencer, Ryan grew up on a farm. Because of his history, he is very familiar with John Deere Equipment and ATVs/UTVs. Quote: "Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it." -George Halas